Outdoor Advertising

When we open a shop, restaurant, pharmacy or bank, we always order a sign. The sign "informed", "remind". With the right approach to the manufacture of outdoor advertising can be a very effective way to attract potential clients, creating a positive image of the company.
It's a pity when you see that the store is designed without taking into account uniform style, activity, windows are not decorated and the sign is out of the general architecture of the building. If the company has taken into account all factors, your ads will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

In today's highly competitive, the winner is the one who approached the question box. That's why, "Boris and company" offers original marketing solutions in outdoor advertising.  

Today we can offer our clients outdoor advertising of any complexity.

  • The design of facades of buildings
  • Making pillars
  • Manufacturing of volumetric light letters
  • Making place of a buyer
  • Design and print banners
  • Placing advertising on the cars
  • Fabrication and installation of illuminated signs and Lightboxes
  • Design your shop- window
  • Manufacturing of volumetric growth figures
  • Production of tables
  • Fabrication and installation of advertising steles
  • Production of POS equipment and materials

Contact us today and qualified help in choosing the right promotional product to your needs, take the order, and answer questions.