Media advertising

It would seem that there is nothing easier for a company than to put the advertise in the media. Make a model (video), call the newspaper office (radiostation), to order placement, conclude and pay the bill. Everything is right, but there is no effect. Why? The effectiveness of advertising in the media depends on many factors - to choose a media carrier, the number of repetitions, time, location, etc. Each unaccounted factor could affect the performance negatively. Standard advertiser errors when placing the media - publications, radio stations, TV channels are selected on the basis of "What do we read, listen, watch"there are not enough exits.

Experts APC "Boris and Company" will help you to understand the enormous diversity of Ukrainian media market.    

We will select the media vehicles, taking into account the target audience, determine the optimal number of publications, develop a mock-up, produce video. Turning to us, you get direct prices, quick deployment, clear media plan, timely reporting.