Advertising in the subway

Subway is the main traffic artery of the million metropolis.

The advantages of advertising in the subway are obvious. For example in the subway, it is impossible to avoid continuous contact with the advertising, the information on leaflets, posters drew the attention of 90% of passengers. According to researches in the next 50 years, subway will be the most popular public transport.

Wide choice of carriers (subway cars, walls and doors of the halls and platforms, escalator codes) allows to realize any project within the framework of an integrated advertising campaign.

he specialists of "Boris and Company" will help you to understand the huge field of advertising information, will intelligently plan the place according with the objectives of the campaign, will choose the most effective type of advertising formats.     

We provide a full range of services:

  • design development
  • printing printing products
  • carrier selection
  • the place of advertising